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Terms & conditions

  1. Only after consultation with our certified professionals we can treat your condition and quote as per requirements.
  2. You should always consult with certified professional for diagnosis & therapy. Only website information used for diagnosis or therapy on own will be at risk.
  3. Fee structure is advised by our certified professionals as per required number of grafts, sessions, grade of baldness, techniques used.
  4. Medications required after procedure are to beared by patient own contribution only.
  5. We provide 3 protein sessions after hair restoration.
  6. After consulting with our certified professional one can book for his therapy as per slot availability by paying advance amount and remaining amount to be paid on the day of sessions.
  7. Blood investigation & physical fitness ( if required ) is mandatory before undergoing any therapy as per advice of certified professionals.
  8. Consult our certified professional regularly for longevity of results.
  9. Laser skin services are charged as per sessions. Number of Sessions may vary as per skin types
  10. By using website/ landing page/ filling enquiry form you authorize to contact you via email / call / Whatsapp.
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